approval of concept during a one-week camp at the University Ulm in August 2009:

31 kids, 4 students and 8 seniors discovered and explored the world of Atmel MicroControllers

then, a few months later, a regulary workshop is funded

and on 5th December the kickoff meeting happend

in the meantime we successfully meet each 2nd saturday per month at our sponsors company

and two additional sponsors helped us with producing our own Hardware

and a 2nd MicroController project in a primary school is launched which runs for 2 years

2nd one-week camp at the University Ulm in August 2011 with 32 kids

since January 2012 we meet at the University in the ZAWiW Seminar Room

and a new hardware with the EnergyMicro EFM32 is under development to replace the AT90USB board

we stopped our own board development and use the Atmel ATxmega256A3BU XPLAIN eval-kit since autumn 2013 very successfully

around 15 attendees between 10 and 72 years young/old come together each month to learn and develop own projects