Combined Measure-, Control- and ClosedLoop Technics

MultiChannel Signal-Acquisition and -Processing

MultiProcessor Systems, distributed Systems

Digital Signal- and Image-Processing

Ultra-low-Power, battery powered

Artificial Neural Networks

acoustic Motor-Test, Ascet Simulator, Battery-Test, Beamforming, CAN-Bus I/O,

Common-Rail injector test bench, camera guided Crash-Test System, RealTime-FFT computer,

optical photo-bag QA, several Funktion-Generators, optical Wood-Classification using NN,

Honing-Maschine control, Hydraulic test bench control, optical Vegetables QS,

Keramic production measurement systems, Sewage plant measurement systems, LaserScan-Microscop,

Laser-Control, several Power-Supplies, several Radar (8 PPCs, 70 channels, 72 DSPs),

Radar-Sensor 61,5GHz, µm-Control System, Robot Control, Welding control using NN, fast Spectrometry,

several Simulation-Computers (100 DSPs), Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation, several Sonar